Karen Cooper - British English female voiceover


Say it with style!

Finding the right voice is easier than you think.

Are you looking for just the right voice for your commercial, course, book or website?

Do you want a professional, smooth, memorable voice to inspire, invite and captivate your audience? 

Simply tell me about your project and after a brief discussion I shall send you a custom audition and a quote.

This may be just the voice you have been looking for – because quality matters and first impressions count.


I am a British, English voiceover artist and my clients love the warm, elegant tones of my voice.

Professionalism, excellent customer service and a strong work ethic have afforded me a sound reputation as someone who gets the message across, inspiring and motivating listeners.

A calm, engaging and relatable sound reaches people. My expression has been described as warm, memorable and confident, conveying the message in such a way that leaves the audience with the desired impression.

With over 25 years of experience in customer service and sales, as well as student and family advice and support, I am an expert in helping people to connect with a brand, a new idea and a new way of thinking.


“Karen speaks my words with a most professional voice; her voice is encouraging, inspiring, educational and instructional – all at the same time! If you need a voiceover, then consider Karen – you will not be disappointed. Karen is so easy to get on with. Karen has your interests at heart!”

Joan Mercer – Author and Speaker

“Really fantastic piece of work from Karen. As usual she’s given me lots of options on delivery and file format and she delivered in double quick time to help me meet a pressing deadline. Great customer care and friendly, professional service once again from this talented and dedicated provider.”

Chris Gregory, Alternative Stories and Fake Realities podcast

“Absolutely amazing experience! Captivating voice, very understanding and great communication. I would love to work with Karen again, given the opportunity. Apart from having a wonderful voice, Karen possesses incredible creative writing skills. Thank you Karen.”

Esther Rakkone – Author

“It was a pleasure to work with Karen. She followed instructions carefully and provided top quality audio according to the script. Her communication was great and her voice over skills excellent. I really enjoyed working with Karen and she will be my first go-to person for voice over jobs in the future.”
Ray L – Language Instructor


What information do I need to give?

Answers to the following questions would be useful:

  • How long is the script/how many words?
  • What will the voiceover be used for? Online/TV/radio/non-commercial?
  • When is your deadline?
  • Which style/mood are you looking for?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?


Can you edit your own recordings?

Absolutely! To save you time and money, I can send you clean, ready to use audio files in high quality WAV or MP3 formats.


How much do you charge?

Pricing depends on how long it will take to record and what the voiceover is to be used for. My prices are in line with industry standards, the details of which you can find here: Voiceover Rates – Gravy For The Brain


To arrange a booking or demo, simply complete the contact form below.

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